Landscape Architecture students intern at Tract

Master of Landscape Architecture students Iris Fong, Wenjin Wang and Heidi Nurmio completed a three week internship with Tract Consultants, a leading planning & design practice using the professional disciplines of town planning, landscape architecture & urban design. We caught up with Wenjin to chat more about his time there.

How did you find out about the internship?

I saw it on a poster in the MSD building near the lift. There are many opportunities listed there.

What work did you do during your internship?

We were given a research topic on public realm security and to develop a design manual that could help us understand the impact of these ‘new’ challenges on the built environment and allow us to be better response to it with creative design solutions. Other than the research project, we also shadowed staff around, attending weekly office meetings, department presentations, and case study interviews.

How did you translate knowledge learned in the classroom into practice?

Through the research project, we had to really be critical on ourselves. Being able to convey an idea and a coherent narrative to support it is crucial in the classroom but even more so in a professional practice. The ability to present information concisely and consistently to a number of stakeholders is challenging, but something which studying at MSD prepares you for. We were able to step back and review what was working and what was not. Similarly, being able to manage a big task, our time and utilize each other’s skills in software and communication helped us complete the project.

What was the most rewarding part of the internship?

The exposure to the work environment to the biggest professional practice in Australia is most exciting. Everyone at Tract was really supportive and welcoming. By observing how a project team works together, joining in meetings with clients and contractors, and participating in daily office work, I have really gained an insight view into the professional environment.

How has MSD supported you in gaining industry-relevant knowledge and experience?

MSD has organised many events and programs with industry partners, which is great for student to have direct contact with them. We often have presentation and critique panels with members from industry. Many practitioners teaching us at the university. The collaboration of academic and professional is necessary for creating an engaging industrial environment.

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