Lochlan constructs his future career

Often plans change after you start a course. For Lochlan Todd, originally from Launceston, starting work in the construction industry led him to switch majors within the Bachelor of Design. He sat down with us to share more.

Why did you study the Bachelor of Design?

I liked how the Bachelor of Design was so broad and I was able to combine the four degrees that I was thinking of taking (urban planning, architecture, property, real estate and construction) into one course and then decide which of the four areas I would really like to focus on after one year of study.

What was the highlight of your first year at university?

My highlight would have to be moving from school based subjects into real industry based work. Collaborating on group projects and learning skills I am able to implement in the workplace have been invaluable for me.

What major(s) did you choose?

I am completing a double major in Construction and Property, which is very different to the urban planning major that I thought that I’d be undertaking when I enrolled in the Bachelor of Design. However, after working in the construction industry and developing a keen interest in property, I am now trying to switch over to the double major.

What was your favourite first year Bachelor of Design subject and why?

My favourite first year subject was Economics and Cities because it allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the way that the economy affects both the construction and property industries. It allowed me to develop an understanding of what sort of factors help in strong property growth in areas and how infrastructure can assist in developing a city from a small-scale town to a city with many industries and a booming population.

What are some of the skills you have learnt while studying the Bachelor of Design?

I have learnt to effectively manage time between all my subjects and structure out a semester based on what major assessments are due when and how to tackle these most effectively. I have also learnt many skills from first year that will help me in the workplace such as communication, interpersonal skills, and many skills that are quite relevant in the design fields, such as learning different terms and communicating in the design lexicon.

What advice do you have for other students thinking of studying the Bachelor of Design? 

I would suggest that you have some sort of idea which area you’d like to major in, as you can effectively arrange breadth and elective subjects to compliment your major and then it will look like a much more rounded degree.

What advice would you give new students to tackle a challenge you faced?

The one challenging issue I faced the most was the fact that I was moving interstate away from home and my close group of friends. I did however manage to sort everything out by really knuckling down and trying to get the most out of the classes we have. Living on campus in a residential college really helped me transition into university life, and I would suggest to new students to never back out of taking an opportunity that presents itself to you, whether it be at uni or in the workforce.

What would be your dream project in your future career?

My dream project would be to become a project manager on a high rise building that is being built by a world-leading builder such as Probuild, Multiplex or Lend Lease. These projects are not just incredibly demanding and rewarding but are also major components of our economy.

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