Shruti builds towards a career in construction management

Shruti Baporikar moved to Melbourne to pursue a Master of Construction Management after studying Architectural Design as an undergraduate student in Mumbai. We asked Shruti to share some of her experiences so far.

Why did you pursue Construction Management?

After completing my undergraduate studies in architectural design, I felt I had knowledge gaps of the various technical, financial and managerial factors in the building process. I’ve structured my career to head in the direction of management, so I decided to go back to university and study construction management.

I like the variety of roles available in construction, as well as the various on-site and off-site activities. One can be playing a specific role or be a project manager and tie all the different processes together. No two projects are ever the same, so the work won’t ever be monotonous and I think this will be challenging and rewarding.

What has been your favourite subject to date?

I’m currently taking Supply Chains in Construction and it is definitely my favourite subject so far. The classes are fun and interactive, and the professor draws parallels from current trends in the construction industry. By studying the various processes, actors and workflows involved, I have learned how supply chains have the potential to manage construction effectively.

What kind of industry engagement and networking opportunities are available at MSD?

Studying here brings a lot of perks, especially as significant companies and industry professionals engage regularly with Melbourne School of Design, as studio leaders, tutors or running student design competitions.

MSD also strives to connect these companies and students through networking events throughout the year. The University’s reputation within industry is enough to strike meaningful conversations with working professionals.

So far, what are the most valuable skills that you have learned?

The most valuable skills I have learned are gaining a holistic understanding of the building process, and looking beyond the design process. This has made me more efficient in my designs and I have learned many new topics in the built environment which will help once I enter the construction industry.

At a personal level, moving to a new city has taught me many house and time management skills which will remain learnings for a lifetime!

What are you planning to do when you have completed your studies?

I want to work on significant projects and create a more sustainable environment. I also wish to be an advocate of women in construction and spread awareness of the opportunities in construction available to women.

What advice do you have for other students thinking of studying at Melbourne School of Design?

Melbourne School of Design creates a cross-disciplinary learning environment which helps students grow. Make full use of such a unique environment and initiate conversations with students belonging to different backgrounds. You should also keep a lookout for the events, lectures, student clubs and exhibitions facilitated by MSD. There are so many opportunities available, and it is up to you to take them!

What trends do you see being important to the future of our built environments?

With an increase in the magnitude of building projects and their complexities, collaboration and communication between stakeholders and specialists is key to successfully delivering projects.

Similarly, technology and innovation in the building industry is booming. Professionals need to educate themselves and evolve existing systems to increase productivity and keep up with these changing times.

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