Strategies for Innovation through Research

Time: 04:45 - 06:00 pm, Thursday 29th September

Location: Singapore Theatre B120 - Glyn Davis Building (MSD), University of Melbourne

The Higher Education sector is facing enormous challenges right now in innovation and impact through research. The problems are there are a lot of research ideas but how to turn ideas into innovation is challenging; high-quality research and innovation are not reaching the market; current misalignment between market and end users’ needs and research agenda; research and development are not occurring, or the cycles take too long, gaining access to a real-world environment where research and research outcomes can be developed and tested is a problem. On top of these, researchers often struggle to find an effective route to market to commercialize their innovations. In this session, the presenters and panel from both the industry and academia will address these issues providing insight into what strategies and methodological approaches are needed to effectively initiate, develop, and translate research into practice in the built environment field?