Carroll Go-Sam

Senior Lecturer, Indigenous Engagem, University of Queensland

Carroll Go-Sam

Carroll Go-Sam is a senior lecturer and researcher in the School of Architecture at University of Queensland. She is a descendant of Dyirbal bamapeoples of gumbilbaracountry, the upper Herbert and Tully bana (water) basins, north Queensland.

After completing UQ’s Campuses on Countries Indigenous Design Framework and Engagement project in 2021, she is now working with a multi-disciplinary team from engineering, energy data innovation and colleagues in the School of Architecture on Gunana Futures, Mornington Island. Carroll has research interests in Indigeneity in architecture, specifically where they intersect place-keeping, identity and livelihoods. She continues to explore the transformative potential of architecture specifically for Indigenous peoples futures.


Keynote 2: What matters in design (secondary and higher) education now and for the future