Jakob B. Strømann-Andersen

Director of Innovation and Sustainibility / Partner at Henning Larsen

Jakob B. Strømann-Andersen

Jakob is a Partner and Director for Innovation and Sustainability at Henning Larsen, leading a team to develop sustainable design solutions. In addition to his background as a civil engineer and Ph.D., Jakob is a LEED and WELL accredited, DGNB certified auditor specializing in healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient design. He has extensive experience developing, implementing, and documenting project sustainability based on parameters such as light, shadow, sun, wind, geometry, and the relationship between city and landscape. His work focuses on the holistic interplay between architecture and technology and how integrated design can form the basis for sustainable cities and buildings.

By combining cutting-edge tools with design expertise, the successful integration of smart technology can enhance creative thought. Henning Larsen calls this a ‘holis-tech’ mindset approach. Jakob’s work prioritizes this ‘holis-tech’ approach to sustainability that advances systemic design solutions where resource circulation is optimized to enrich social, technical, and biological flows across the built environment.


Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change