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Training & Access

The MSD Fabrication Workshop is an advanced facility which requires students and staff to undergo certain training before they can access the services and facilities. Safe usage of the facilities is a top priority, and most of the fabrication services available require at least some specialized knowledge to engage with effectively. Even the Model Making Space is an active workshop area and requires the completion of a Level 01 Safety Induction. This page is the starting point for anyone wishing to access the Fabrication Workshop services & facilities.

  • 00 – MSD Building Induction
  • 01 – Safety Induction (Online)
  • 02 – Safety Induction (In Person)
  • 03 – Safety Induction (Machine)


Having Problems with your access?
If you are having issues with your student card access,
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In order to access the Melbourne School of Design building and/or the Baldwin Spencer building and the facilities held therein, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Environments or a course administered by the Melbourne School of Design agree to the conditions of use set out in the Level 00 - Building Induction.


All staff and students who wish to enter and work in any space in the Fabrication Workshop must successfully complete Level 01 Safety Induction (Online).

Only when the induction has been successfully completed will general Fabrication Workshop access be granted. This gives staff and students access io the general Fabrication Workshop outside open hours and on the weekend.


Level 02 Safety Induction (In Person) will grant you access to hand tools in the Robotics Lab (G23) and the Machine Workshop (G24).

Staff and students can register for an induction session by clicking the link below.


Level 03 Safety Induction (Machine) allows students and staff to use the hand power tools and woodworking machines in the Machine Workshop (G24) under the supervision of experienced Machine Workshop staff.

The Machine Workshop will be open every afternoon from 1pm - 4.30pm for staff and students to complete their Level 03 Safety Induction (Machine). The training will be conducted by the Machine Workshop staff on duty.