A.L. Hu


A.L. Hu is a queer, non-binary person working in New York City. Their passion is at the intersections of the built environment and social justice, manifesting in design projects, essays, visual media, and collaborations with other architects and communities to understand and rethink the architect’s role in creating inclusive spaces. They are an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow, and currently working as Design Initiatives Manager at Ascendant Neighborhood Development in East Harlem. They are a member of, and a conduit connecting, many organisations, including The Architecture Lobby, QSPACE, ArchiteXX and AIA New York. A.L. was a Storyteller and Thought Leader at the 2018 Equity by Design Symposium in San Francisco, and a co-founder of The Architecture Lobby’s Solidarity Space. They received a Master of Architecture from Columbia University GSAPP, as well as a B.A. Architecture and minor in Sustainable Design from UC Berkeley.

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Day 1


Beyond the Binary

How can we increase the visibility and representation of diverse gender identities in discussions on equity? A conversation between Simona Castricum and A.L. Hu explores the lived experience, theory and practice of non-binary and gender non-conforming identities.

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