Amy Muir


Amy Muir is director of MUIR, Victorian President of the Australian Institute of Architects and a lecturer at RMIT University. She has degrees in architecture and interior design and places equal value on the holistic crafting of interior and external form. MUIR is underpinned by a belief in unsolicited and project-based research and investigations into the role of the civic. One of the practices key preoccupations is in architecture’s ability to engage with the collective and memory. By investing public work with the language of memory and place, MUIR hopes to speculate on a new civic architecture. Amy is committed to supporting the education of young architects and has guest lectured at various universities alongside her current role as at RMIT. As Victorian President of the Institute, Amy liaises with state and local government agencies advocating, reviewing and establishing design leadership and policy development through collaboration. Amy received the 2016 Australian Institute of Architects National Emerging Architect Prize in recognition of her contributions to the profession through design excellence, education and industry leadership.

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Leadership from the top – the potential of policy

What can equity policy offer? How do we ensure that it is deployed effectively to gain traction and achieve real change? Emily Grandstaff-Rice, Natalie Galea, Amy Muir and Jocelyn Chiew explore the challenges of putting policy to work in a panel discussion chaired by Naomi Stead.

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