Emily Grandstaff-Rice


Emily Grandstaff-Rice is chair of the American Institute of Architects’ Equity in Architecture Commission, At-large Director on the American Institute of Architects Board, and Senior Associate at Arrowstreet, a Boston-based architecture and design firm. As chair of the AIA Equity in Architecture Commission, she leads the national diversity and inclusion conversation in American architecture. A frequent speaker and writer on the future of architectural practice, Emily is fascinated by how technology, the social economy, and environmental urgency are addressed in architectural practice. With experience on a broad range of academic, hospitality, institutional and commercial projects, her innovative design work reinforces that a building is more than its shell; it is an experience.

For more than a decade, Emily has advocated for emerging and underrepresented professionals. This includes conducting original research on professional development, chairing the AIA Continuing Education Committee, and serving as 2014 president of the Boston Society of Architects/AIA.

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Leadership from the top – the potential of policy

What can equity policy offer? How do we ensure that it is deployed effectively to gain traction and achieve real change? Emily Grandstaff-Rice, Natalie Galea, Amy Muir and Jocelyn Chiew explore the challenges of putting policy to work in a panel discussion chaired by Naomi Stead.

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