Georgia Birks


Georgia Birks is an architectural graduate at Myers Ellyett Architects in Brisbane and co-curator for the Asia Pacific Architecture Festival 2020. She is a proud descendant of the Kamilaori and Daniggatti people. Her heritage and travels have shaped her approach to design thinking. Georgia places value on understanding the contextual identity that each architectural design engages with, as she believes this creates unique and deliberate design responses.

Georgia completed her Bachelor of Architectural Design at the University of Queensland, graduating as Valedictorian. During her studies she was awarded the Santos Indigenous Prize and was selected to take part in the Momoyo Kaijima Research Scholarship in Japan. She went on to complete her Master of Architecture at the University of Queensland. Since then Georgia has helped to deliver a range of projects across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

Georgia has written a number of reviews for the State Library of Queensland and holds a position as an Advisory Board member at the University of Queensland School of Architecture.

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What have we learned and what do we need to do next? A closing panel to reflect on the symposium and precipitate future work, with a selection of speakers and emerging professionals Georgia Birks and Ekta Nathu.

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