Nicole Kalms


Dr Nicole Kalms is an Associate Professor in the Department of Design and founding director of the Monash University XYX Lab – a team of experienced design researchers exploring gender-sensitive design practices and theory. The XYX Lab operates at the intersection of gender, identity, urban space and advocacy, bringing together planners, policymakers, government and stakeholders to make tangible the experiences of underrepresented communities in urban space. As Director of the XYX Lab, Nicole leads several significant research projects including Urban Exposure: Interactively Mapping the Systems of Sexual Violence in Cities and Women and Girls Only: Understanding the Spaces of Sexual Harassment in Public Transport. She is the author of Hypersexual City: The Provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism (Routledge 2017), regularly writes for a diverse non-academic audience, and is frequently invited to speak to the public about sexuality and urban space at major national and international cultural institutions.

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Action in the Field – Feminist practice

How can practitioners and researchers help create more equitable built environments, which welcome and support underrepresented groups and disadvantaged communities?

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