Sarah Lynn Rees


Sarah Lynn Rees is a Palawa woman descending from the Plangermaireener and Trawlwoolway people of north-east Tasmania. Awarded the Charlie Perkins scholarship, Sarah attended the University of Cambridge where she produced a thesis on Indigenous housing in remote Australian communities and graduated with an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design. Having worked in London and now back in Birrarung Ga (Melbourne), Sarah practices at Jackson Clements Burrows Architects; delivers program consultation and curation for the BLAKitecture series at MPavilion; is a member of the Victorian Design Review Panel and holds various teaching and advisory roles. Sarah is passionate about Indigenising the built environment and advocating for protocols and processes that respect and celebrate Country.

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Day 1


Gendered Indigeneity

What are the ways that Indigeneity and gender intersect? How might gender equity advocacy groups work alongside First Nations peoples? A conversation between Sarah Lynn Rees (Palawa) and Carroll Go-Sam (Dyirbal bama) examines the issues.

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