Stephanie Bullock


Stephanie Bullock is one of the founding directors of Melbourne-based Kosloff Architecture, an award-winning design practice and registered B Corp that specialises in public and educational architecture. The practice was founded on the belief that the creation of an authentic and engaged practice culture is integral to producing high quality and lasting architectural design, and that the nature of the workplaces that we build should be equally aspirational in terms of what they provide for the people that work there, as well as collaborators and the broader community. Stephanie has led multiple award-winning projects and her architectural experience is complemented by an extensive range of business skills honed in her previous career as a management consultant and project manager in the financial services industry. She is committed to the idea that the most important legacy of an architectural practice may rest as much in its meaning and value for the people involved, as it does in built form.

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Day 2


Equity in Practice – New workplaces

What role can workplaces play in establishing equitable professional cultures? What has changed in recent years? How do we make the workplaces of the future? Brian Clohessy, Stephanie Bullock, Patricia Rhee and Angela Dapper discuss recent progress in a panel discussion chaired by Justine Clark.

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