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Transforming Housing: Affordable Housing for All

Transforming Housing: Affordable Housing for All is an action-research project focused on influencing and supporting the transformation of the housing policy and delivery environment in Victoria. It aims to facilitate collaborations with industry, government and philanthropic organisations in order to improve affordable housing outcomes for very low to moderate income households. We advocate for housing that is affordable, well-located, diverse and well-designed.

The aim of the project is to generate partnerships based on mutual respect and co-learning that result in substantial and sustainable policy shift, as well as industry innovations, towards more and better affordable housing. The project team host frequent workshops to facilitate networking and co-learning opportunities for industry, government, NGOs and researchers. Transforming Housing also releases reports, papers and statements to inform and evaluate innovative affordable housing projects, financing arrangements and government policy.

The project acknowledges the severe shortage of affordable and appropriate housing options available to households on very low to moderate incomes in Melbourne. Transforming Housing is about advocating for and supporting the development of solutions to solve this issue. To this end, the project has four objectives

  1. Policy reform, development and advocacy
  2. Innovative project development, delivery support and evaluation
  3. Industry capacity building
  4. Research capacity building, embedded action research, research dissemination and influence


Image: Alexander Sheko


Transforming Housing, led by Professor Carolyn Whitzman, is an action research project that brings together a diverse range of academics in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, government and philanthropy. 


The research team publishes reports, conference papers, journal articles and responses to public policy documents. View and download them here.


Transforming Housing hosts a number of invite-only and public events throughout the year. The research team frequently engages with the media


The current research project is the third iteration of Transforming Housing: Affordable Housing For All.  See our previous work here.