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Up Box 3D Printer

3D Printing Systems Up BOX
FabLab Office (Room G18)
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The Up BOX uses a fused deposition modeling (FDM) process to melt and extrude ABS and/or PLA plastic onto additive layers. The ABS/PLA filament is first fed into a heated printer nozzle where it melts into a liquid. Subsequently, the printer nozzle extrude plastic onto the print bed over the areas of the print object. The print bed is then lowered and the process is repeated until the object is fully printed. The Up BOX has a larger print bed than the Up Plus 2 and Up Mini printers. 

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

The Up BOX is only operated by trained FabLab technicians.

Operation Instructions

Submission Procedure


Workmanship Considerations

  • The printer has a much larger print bed than the Up Plus 2 and Up Mini printers.