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Urban and Cultural Heritage

About Urban and Cultural Heritage

The interpretation, management and conservation of urban and cultural heritage is increasingly a matter of urgency and significance for global cities and communities. Challenges for heritage professionals include the pressures of rapid urbanization; issues of economic and environmental sustainability; and social change. At the Melbourne School of Design we take an international perspective on the heritage of building, cities and landscapes, with a particular focus on Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Studies examine contemporary and theoretical approaches to heritage policy, regulation and practice, new approaches to digital technologies and heritage, issues of heritage significance within historical and cross-cultural contexts, cultural heritage and its social and economic impacts, including tourism, and heritage reconstruction.  There is also the option to undertake a research project or industry internship.

Unique features include a cross-disciplinary and integrated approach to heritage, internship opportunities, flexible course structures, and teaching by industry partners and outstanding researchers.

The Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage

This cross-disciplinary and industry-oriented program delivers the skills and knowledge to contribute to the burgeoning fields of urban and cultural heritage. View details

Urban and Cultural Heritage Staff

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ACAHUCH
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Room 425

Melbourne School of Design (BN 133)

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Chair of Architecture
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Room 427

Melbourne School of Design Building (BN 133)

Research Fellow
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Melbourne School of Design (BN 133)

Lecturer in Architectural Design
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8344 7192
Room 428

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