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Varga Saw VA11

Varga Saw VA11
Machine Workshop (Room G24)
Level 03 - Machine Certification


The Varga Saw uses a small circular saw to cut thin sheet material such as timbers, metals and plastics. Designed with safety in mind, the Varga saw blade is completely enclosed, and most chips are cleanly deposited in the collection bag.

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

  • The varga saw is a power tool that has the potential to cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Always exercise extreme caution when using the equipment. NEVER touch the blade or other moving parts during use. The blade can easily cut fingers and other body parts.
  • Familiarise yourself with the emergency stop buttons on the machine. Always turn the machine off when not in use. NEVER leave the machine unattended while in use.
  • Keep guards in place and ensure material is secured firmly before attempting to use the machinery.
  • Do not wear loose articles of clothing and/or jewelry when operating the varga saw.
  • Do not apply pressure towards the blade.
  • Do not try to remove jammed pieces while machine is still running.
  • Do not attempt to cut round or uneven objects.
  • Please see workshop staff if there are any issues with the machines operation. Please do not attempt to make any adjustments without prior approval.

Operation Instructions

  • Prepare the workspace: Ensure work area is clear and that the vargal saw is secure. Check that the orange blade guard is fixed in place and that the blade’s teeth are pointing downwards.
  • Cut material: Place one hand on the main handle with fingers gripping the T handle. Squeeze the fingers to raise the motor block and activate the saw cutting blade. Place the material on the saw and position it using the guide rails.With the motor running, smoothly draw the motor across the material until it reaches its built in stop, then smoothly reverse the direction, thus placing the motor/casing in a position that is ready for the next cut.
  • Shut down and Remove material: Turn the saw off using the switch at the back right of the machine. Wait until the blade comes to a complete stop. Remove the material and clear away any dust and offcuts from both the machine and floor.

Workmanship Considerations

  • The varga saw has a concealed blade. A white or silver line on the front of the black saw blade casing indicates the point where the saw blade starts cutting. Do not allow the edge of the material to being cut to go past this line without the motor running, otherwise the material could jam the blade.
  • The circular saw cuts from the bottom upwards, and the bottom of the saw blade casing acts as a hold-down device. Therefore, it is very important that the sawing unit is allowed to presses down on the material being cut by its own weight, so that it rides on the surface of the material as a cut is being made.
  • The saw is capable of making very narrow width cuts (strips), which could fall into the guiding slot underneath the blade. These must be removed before making the next cut.