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Visions, Scenarios and Pathways for Low-Carbon Resilient Futures in Australian Cities

The aim of this project is to explore and articulate visions, scenarios and pathways for a low carbon and resilient built environment in Australia. The project combines research with a range of creative engagement strategies to develop visions and scenarios for Australian cities in 2040. Research focuses on the challenges and opportunities of moving to a ‘low carbon’ future and maintaining resilience in the face of a changing climate. Through its engagement program the project will gather stakeholder views of the dynamics of change and the possible future morphology of cities – their built infrastructure, systems of provision and lifestyles.

The research and engagement process will enable the project to characterise possible futures, understand and analyse socio-technical innovations that could contribute to their realisation and examine transition scenarios and pathways to 2040 and beyond. Stakeholder views and research will be regularly translated into communicable visions of possible futures to be used freely by organisations interested in urban futures, in order to build further engagement. Transition pathways will be investigated to understand potential barriers and ways to manage the complex dynamics of resource/material, technical, economic, social and behavioural aspects of urban living, to overcome them.

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Exploring low carbon futures for Australian cities

Project Title

Visions and Pathways 2040

Major Sponsor

CRC for Low Carbon Living

Project Partners

Industry partners:
Brookfield Multiplex; AECOM; Aurecon; Hassell; Sydney Water; Master Builders Australia

Government partners:
Landcom NSW; Environment and Heritage NSW; City of Sydney; City of Melbourne.

Non-government sector:
ICLEI (Oceania)

University partners:
University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales
Swinburne University

[The number of partners will expand considerably as project proceeds]

Project Team

Prof Chris Ryan – Project Project Leader (Uni of Melb)

Dr Idil Gaziulusoy – Principal Researcher (Uni of Melb)

Dr Paul Twomey – Principal Researcher (UNSW)

Stephen McGrail – Researcher (Swinburne)

Philippa Chandler – Project and Research Assistant


Project Office

VEIL victorian eco-innovation lab
33 Lincoln Square South, Level 3
Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning
University of Melbourne

Project Contacts

Prof. Chris Ryan

Dr. Idil Gaziulusoy

Philippa Chandler