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Wet Space (Room G17)
Level 02 - Machine Safety


Wetworks is a wet space within the fabrication workshop used for casting moulds, plastering, concreting and other wet activities. Isolated from the model making space to the rear of the workshop, Wetworks has a deep stainless steel trough and a large space for students to utilise.

Video of Operation

Plaster Casting -

Resin Casting -

Health and Safety

The Wet room is free to use by students who have completed Level 01 - Fabrication Workshop Safety Induction and Level 02 - Machine Safety. Students are asked to clean up after themselves after using the space.

Operation Instructions

In order to ensure the continued availability of the Wetworks space students are asked to observe the following guidelines:

DRESS ACCORDINGLY. Work to be completed in the Wet Space is inherently dirty, remember to dress appropriately with enclosed shoes a requirement.

ACCESS THROUGH STORAGE SPACE. Access to the Wet Space space is through the Fabrication Workshop storage space. This is a working store room with machinery in operation. Ensure your personal safety at all times when moving through this area. Access to the space is to be coordinated with Fabrication Workshop staff. Staff are more than willing to negotiate this access but an appropriate amount of notice is required.

FREE MATERIALS. There are some communal materials available to students that have been passed down from previous users. You are welcome to use these materials in moderation if available. Communal materials are located in the black tubs labelled “Free Materials”.

STORAGE TUBS. The black storage tubs are for the storage of materials bought into the Wet Space by students for the duration of the creation of the project. Materials are to be removed when the project has been completed. The tubs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please label the tub with the following information: name, student number, subject, mobile phone number, email and the duration of time for which you require the tub. Please be aware that tubs are reviewed and cleared periodically throughout the semester. If items have not been used for some time the tubs will be emptied for others to use.

ALL MATERIALS TO BE APPROVED BY FABRICATION WORKSHOP STAFF. All materials must be approved for use in the Wet Space before being brought into the Fabrication Workshop. Material approvals can be obtained by emailing Please provide the materials MSDS and manufacturing details in the email.

TABLES. Tables in the Wet Space are available for students to use for their work. Where possible, tables are to be left clear with work and materials to be stored in the black tubs to leave space for other students to work. Please respect the workspaces of other students as the work they’re conducting may be delicate in nature. If there is no table space available Fabrication Workshop staff may be able to arrange additional tables.

CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Work conducted in the Wet Space can be messy and some materials can be harder to remove once they are set. To maintain a usable and accessible space all users must clean up after themselves. Cleaning tools are located in the Wet Space and additional items can be provided upon consultation with Fabrication Workshop staff.

DO NOT WASH MATERIALS DOWN SINK. Sinks are available to students in the Wet Space to aid in their projects and cleaning up. Due to the nature of some casting materials these are unable to be washed down the sink as they cause blockages that are expensive to rectify. Please dispose of wet waste in buckets and bins provided. If none are available please contact staff.

IF IN DOUBT ASK STAFF. Fabrication Workshop staff are available for consultation on a wide variety of issues relating to the use of the Wet Space and the activities conducted in the space. Students are encouraged to engage these services to guarantee their work is conducted to the highest possible standard.