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Wood Turning Lathe

Woodfast MC908
Machine Workshop (Room G24)
Level 03 - Machine Certification


A lathe is a machine tool which rotates the workpiece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation, facing, turning, with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object which has symmetry about an axis of rotation.

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

  • The wood lathe is a power tool that has the potential to cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Always exercise extreme caution when using the equipment. NEVER touch the machine or other moving parts during use.
  • Familiarise yourself with the emergency stop buttons on the machine. Always turn the machine off when not in use. NEVER leave the machine unattended while in use.
  • Ensure the dust extractor gate is opened before use and closed when finished.
  • Use safety guards wherever possible.
  • Hold any hand tools such as chisels with two hands at the bottom end. Do not try and cut too quickly.
  • Do not wear loose articles of clothing and/or jewelry when operating the lathe.
  • Do not cut with large gap between the rest and the workpiece. Only sand with the rest removed from the area.
  • Please see workshop staff if there are any issues with the machines operation. Please do not attempt to make any adjustments without prior approval.

Operation Instructions

  • Turn on dust extractor: Turn on dust extractor and open the dust extractor gate.
  • Prepare the workspace: Ensure the workplace is clear. See a staff member to unlock the machines power.
  • Machine material: Turn on the lathe and allow the workpiece to spin. Using a hand tool such as a chisel, gently press on the workpiece with the tool sitting on the restpiece. Slowly carve into the material.
  • Shut down and Remove material: Use the mushroom switch to turn off the machine. Remove the material and clear away any dust and offcuts from both the machine and floor. See a workshop staff member to lock the machines power.

Workmanship Considerations

  • Don’t try and carve material too quickly while on the lathe. Not only is it dangerous but you will have greater control and precision by going slower.
  • The lathe is a great way to rapidly and evenly sand timber.