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ZCorp z450 3D Printer

ZCorp z450 3D printer
FabLab Office (Room G18)
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The ZCorp z450 3D printer uses a liquid adhesive to bind powder in successive layers. A thin layer of powder is first laid across the print area before the print head applies a liquid adhesive on the areas of the print object. The print bed is then lowered slightly and the process is repeated until the object is fully printed. When the model has completed printing the loose support powder from each layer that has not been bound together is then removed using compressed air and vacuum units. The print object is left to dry, followed by an infiltration process where the object is coated with a solidifying solution to give it extra strength.

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

The ZCorp z450 3D printer is only operated by trained FabLab technicians.

Operation Instructions

Workmanship Considerations

  • It is strongly recommended that students come in for a Digital Fabrication Technical Session prior to submitting a job to the FabLab, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the machine.
  • Students are encouraged to do a test print early in semester to familiarise themselves with the 3D print process prior to submitting their final file.