Xavier Cadorel



Xavier began his career as a structural engineer, specializing in timber design before joining the University of Melbourne. Xavier currently lectures in Environmental Building Systems, Design Internship and Building Sustainability at the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning. Over the past 20 years he has worked in France, Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji on a variety of projects ranging from LCA research, structural timber design, BIM modelling, CAD/CAM operating, prefabrication design, site and project management.

Xavier’s research focuses on the challenges and opportunities for the built environment in facing sustainability imperatives. He has worked with numerous researchers, has published several reports and journal articles, and has presented at conferences within a variety of domains including the carbon footprint of buildings, materiality within the urban heat island effect, climate resilience and heritage buildings. Xavier is an active member of the Thrive research hub and is currently completing a Master of Philosophy, addressing the gap of research related to the environmental benefits associated with mass timber construction.

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