ADD+F is a newly established research hub at the Melbourne School of Design that brings together academics and lead technicians, covering a diverse field of expertise, from data-driven design and robotic to 3D printing and mixed reality environments.

ADD+F Hub Launch Recording: Experiments, Disruptions, Affordances – Practices for Future Innovations

ADD+F's key focus is to instigate innovation through a collaborative and cross-technological approach, applying design thinking methodologies and experimentation methodologies. The research hub seeks innovative and sustainable solutions that apply to industries – ranging from construction, health and well-being, to the arts, entertainment and design disciplines.

The Design Research Hub ADD+F:

  • explores advanced digital technologies to challenge current design and construction practices seeking innovative and sustainable solutions that apply to the industry.
  • engages with a wide range of industries partner including, construction, health and wellbeing, the arts, entertainment and design disciplines.
  • ventures into new directions, formulating novel processes, methods, tools and applications, for a future-orientated discipline and profession.
  • undertakes explorations through research and teaching in collaboration with national and international partners.
Melbourne School of Design
Glyn Davis Building (133)
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Victoria 3010 Australia
A/Prof Rochus Hinkel
Dr Paul Loh
Leire Asensio-Villoria