Hong Yi (Red)

“Try new things and take risks!” That is the advice artist Hong Yi has for aspiring architects, artists and designers.

Graduating less than four years ago, Hong Yi has created an international name for herself as an innovative artist and designer. She now runs a design and art studio in Shanghai and has been invited to speak at the EG Conference in California for the past two years, brushing noses with Simpsons Producer, Matt Groening, and Architect, Moshe Safdie.

It all started when Hong Yi posted a YouTube video of herself painting Chinese basketball star Yao Ming’s portrait using a basketball in 2012. Since then she has been part of an international advertising campaign with print company HP, as well as work for Ponds, Nespresso and other international brands.

At University Hong Yi learned that in the creative field you have to make your own rules and this is true of her work.

“Architecture school taught me that there are many directions, possibilities and techniques out there,” Hong Yi says.

“I work on each art project like a designer,” she explains.  “I think about a concept, do thorough research and experiment with textures and materials. I consider the context where I am creating these pieces, so it feels a lot like the design phase of my architecture.”

Hong Yi’s approach to art is quite unique. She views everything around her with an artists’ eye while also incorporating her architectural skills and experience.

“I like to use ordinary, mundane objects and materials that may often be overlooked, and turn them into something unexpected and meaningful,” says Hong Yi.

Hong Yi’s ambition is driving her to achieve bigger and better in the future.

“I visited Facebook headquarters last year,” says Hong Yi “and there were inspirational quotes everywhere – Move fast and break things and Keep on shipping – it inspired me to push my career further and set bigger goals!”

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