ASE's 'Evolving the Melbourne Curriculum' symposium

As part of the consultation for the Advancing Students and Education (ASE) strategy, the Office of the Provost will host a symposium open to all staff and students on the theme of ‘Evolving the Melbourne Curriculum’. This is an important moment for the voices of all staff and students to be heard, and a great opportunity to contribute to the discussion of the future of education and students in our University. You are very welcome to attend either online or in person.


The University maintains a fundamental commitment to the core tenets of the Melbourne Curriculum, i.e. generalist undergraduate programs leading to professional graduate-level study or research; and disciplinary breadth and depth in undergraduate programs. Within these parameters, the Symposium will provide a space for participants to propose and discuss big, bold ideas that could further enhance the experience and value of a University of Melbourne education. Over three sessions, panellists and participants will explore the idea of curriculum hallmarks (both what we teach and how we teach) and the future of assessment.