Suspected Plagiarism or Collusion

If you suspect a student of PLAGIARISM OR COLLUSION, you should report it to the senior tutor and/or subject coordinator. If the senior tutor/subject coordinator believes the plagiarism or collusion is deliberate and significant, they will contact the Student Support team in the ASO who will manage the process. NOTE: Under no circumstances are you allowed to accuse the student. Under no circumstances are you allowed to penalise the student.

The following link contains a step by step to assist academic staff members in determining the appropriate response so suspected academic misconduct.

Academic Misconduct

For information about the types of academic misconduct detected in ABP and guidance about steps staff should take if they suspect academic misconduct, view our Academic Integrity Guidance page, found here:

Academic Integrity Guidance

A pre-emptive approach can clarify these issues for students at the beginning of semester, and can highlight the serious consequences that can arise. Referring to the ABP Research and Study Guide as part of the assessment information may also assist. This site, accessed via the link, provides detailed referencing / citation guidance for ABP.

ABP Study and Research Guide