Teaching Quality

Our students come to the University of Melbourne to learn skills and knowledge that they will contribute to built environments all over the world. Great learning experiences are the start of their engagement with these possibilities, and great teaching supports that development.


Informed by scholarship and our ongoing engagement with built environments pedagogy, BEL+T developed a relational learning design framework. Discover teaching strategies targeted at the various elements of the DIAgram.

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Pedagogy + Practices

Teaching and learning in a built environments discipline include certain challenges associated with our distinctive pedagogical practices. We offer resources and guidance to help you develop quality approaches in this educational context, including online and hybrid environments.

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BEL+T Guidance on Generative AI

This guide reviews general advice around generative AI with a focus on specific needs of built environments educators. It addresses the various ways that AI is influencing higher education and professional practice.

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Guidance on ESS Questions

The End Subject Survey seeks students’ perceptions of their learning experiences in subjects taught at the University of Melbourne. BEL+T has developed a set of descriptors and tactics for you to consider for subject development.

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Celebrate your Teaching

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