Teaching for Inclusive Learning is instrumental to creating and maintaining healthy learning environments where all participants are fully engaged and respected.

This Pursuit article by Dr Megan Sharp asks how universities can be more inclusive of (LGBTIQA+) students and sets out the approaches taken by The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

A year on from ‘YES’: What still needs to change on campus?

The WOMEN WRITE ARCHITECTURE site lists reading resources relevant to architecture and interior design learning by women writers.  It is a resource for those who are building balanced reference lists for students, and also for those looking to extend these disciplinary conversations. It includes a section of references on Designing for Diversity. The site is also very interested to hear of new additions, so please forward outputs you write or enjoy via the Contact page

The following links contain resources to assist students with effective academic and COMMUNICATION SKILLS:

The attached CSHE document by Sophie Arkoudis focuses on teaching INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.  It includes a number of very relevant and useful strategies.  Many staff will already be using some of these, but there are some surprising gems and idea prompts in here.

Chapter 5 of the Melbourne Sessional Teachers' Handbook also focuses on teaching international students and outlines strategies  to support them.