A Seminar Series: Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at ABP

A Seminar Series: Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at ABP
A Seminar Series: Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at ABP


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This is a virtual seminar series on the theme Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP). It is part of the 2021 National Reconciliation Week activities of the University of Melbourne to support the national reconciliation movement.

We will hear from academics at ABP sharing their experiences on how they indigenised their teaching and pedagogy for the subject/s they teach and coordinate. They will discuss some practical actions they do or have done in the classroom to create cultural competency.

Seminar 1: May 28 (1-2 pm) Dr Hannah Robertson, Dr David O’Brien

Seminar 2: June 01 (12-1 pm) Prof Gini Lee, Dr Judy Bush, Prof Alex Felson

This seminar series will be delivered online.

June 1 (Tuesday, 12pm - 1pm)

Dr Judy Bush will talk about her Master-level elective subject Urban Environmental Policy and Planning. She will share her thoughts on building cultural competency as a lifelong endeavour. And how embedding Indigenous perspectives and Aboriginal voices in teaching and learning is critical for understanding urban environmental policy and planning. Also, she will discuss how creating opportunities for students to deepen their connections with First Nations culture and Traditional knowledge is essential for just and sustainable urban environmental policy and planning approaches.

Prof Alex Felson, who co-led and collaborated with JEFA Greenaway, a registered architect and Wailwan|Kamilaroi and Knowledge Broker/Lecturer as part of the Indigenous Curriculum Development for ABP, will talk about their subject Designing with Country: Resilience Studio. This multidisciplinary studio focuses on resilience and adaptation for the Birrarung. The studio includes educational immersion to build cultural intelligence. Based on guidance and immersion with traditional owners, students will generate a series of design and strategic planning proposals and a shared vision for the North bank of the Birrarung in Richmond, including the Burnley campus.

Prof Gini Lee has conducted several fieldwork studios in remote Aboriginal communities in South Australia and Queensland alongside and including Aboriginal perspectives in local studios and electives. She will discuss the process as collaborations required to support these ventures.