Cities of the future: an imaginative workshop

Future city, Norman Foster Foundation Archive

Hansen Yuncken Meeting Room (408), Glyn Davis Building (MSD), Masson Road, Parkville

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Sabrina Andron

  • Seminar

Melbourne Centre for Cities (MC4C) is hosting a series of free Early Career Researchers’ Sessions, as part of their commitment to support ECR agendas at the Centre. The sessions are programmed, organised, and led collectively by early career Centre affiliates, to reflect the skills, concerns, and experiences of the many young researchers who work at the Centre.

This session, proposed and run by Kebir Jamal, invites participants to envision the future of cities, with sustainability, inclusivity, and technology as the main driving forces. Participants will imagine the functional features of future cities, going beyond existing concepts to explore new possibilities that might emerge in the coming decades. The focus will be on sustainability, inclusivity, and technological innovation as crucial aspects in envisioning these cities. Following this exercise, we will conduct a design thinking workshop to identify how we can help achieve an urban environment that addresses the specified goals. The workshop will conclude with a short documentary that presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic vision of the future.

Bring your passion and wild ideas for creating a better future!

This session is free and bookings aren't required. Reach out to the listed contact with any questions.