COVID-19 and vulnerable households: Impacts and Solutions

How COVID-19 has impacted sharehouses

Online - ABP Zoom Webinar

  • Hallmark Lecture Series

Join Kate Raynor and guests to discuss how people in share houses have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19.

Read the initial findings of Kate Raynor and Laura Panza's research project in this report: Young people in share housing are struggling to cope in COVID-19.

Guest speakers will be announced closer to the date.

About the Hallmark Research Initiative for Affordable Housing:

Melbourne, Australia, is facing rapid population growth and a severe housing affordability crisis. Home purchase is among the least affordable in the world, and there is an acute shortage of low-cost rental housing. The Affordable Housing initiative was created to address these challenges that can’t be solved by one discipline alone.

The initiative supplies seed funding for projects to create interdisciplinary research partnerships both across and outside the University. The aim is to generate new insights and impact relating to affordable housing. It is now in its second year.

Initiative website

Twitter: @ah_unimelb


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