Critical and Curatorial Practices in Design (SM2_23)

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Theo Blankley

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For Semester 2, 2023, Critical and Curatorial Practices in Design, led by Professor Alan Pert and Professor Philip Goad, will feature a weekly speaker series centric on the thematics and focus of the electives premise: The Endless Interior.

These sessions will feed into the ongoing survey exhibition The Endless Interior : From Austria to the Antipodes, showcasing material that explores, engages, and dissects the role of the emigre on the interior, the design landscape, and the influence these practitioners had on Australia and Oceania.

Recordings will be made available online on the ACAHUCH Youtube Channel on the MSD page and via ACAHUCHs website under Digital Heritage Resources

The list of speakers will be updated regularly on the Eventbrite registration page .


Please note: Zoom details will be sent upon registration as a recurring Zoom link for the Semester (August-November 2023). For information prior, please click the 'View Links' button in the Eventbrite app or web platform upon receipt of registration email.