Dot.Ay: by Dot.Ay (AU)

Lecture 3 AA School
AA Visiting School Online Lecture

18:00h Melbourne

Alex Yabsley has been making music on Gameboys as Dot.AY for about a decade now. A strong believer in community building he has helped put together workshops and shows around Australia. Beyond this the unique past time has seen him playing shows all around including New York, Tokyo, Milan and recently a small bar in Tampere, Finland. He sees the Gameboy as an instrument that embodies digital sound unlike a laptop it has a recognisable sonic signature, he then subverts the expectations of what you think a Gameboy should sound like by making bass driven dance music.


This lecture is part of the 2020 AA Visiting School: New Paper elective,  a two-week intensive online design studio introducing students to contemporary digital design techniques, toolsets and workflows, striving for innovation in design resolution.

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