Global Architecture Profiling 2019

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Atrium Level 1, Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne

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Opening Night Function
When: October 10, 6pm
Where: Atrium, Level 1, Glyn Davis Building (MSD), University of Melbourne.
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The Exhibition
Global Architecture Profiling (GAP) is a student collective which seeks to broaden design discourse by showcasing the work of architects in different urban locations around the world via an annual exhibition.

Curated by students in the Bachelor of Design program at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne;the exhibition and accompanying catalogue serves to promote contemporary architecture in cities that are often underrepresented from major design publications.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Global Architecture Profiling (GAP), this year’s exhibition will focus on reflecting on the 9 years of GAP and its contributors, taking a glimpse into the future of architecture on the urban scale of their respective cities.

Layering the urban fabric of the cities featured in past annual GAP exhibitions, including Bangalore, India (2010), Santiago de Chile, Chile (2011) , Ljubljana, Slovenia (2012), Reykjavik, Iceland (2013), Seoul, Republic of Korea (2014), Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco (2015), Puebla, Mexico (2016), Tehran, Iran (2017), and Belgrade, Serbia (2018), the 10th GAP exhibition draws on bridging the metaphorical gap between these unique architecturally rich cities.