Life on the planning frontier - working in Melbourne's growth areas

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2020 might have changed many of the rules our world operates under, but one thing remains certain - Melbourne will continue to grow. It is in the city's outer suburbs that a high standard of urban planning is particularly important. Challenges range from a potential lack of facilities and infrastructure to bush fires - and they require solutions to ensure these suburbs provide as much liveability as those closer to the CBD. In other words: it is here that urban planning graduates can make a significant difference.

Join us as three senior urban planners discuss in conversation with Professor Nicholas Phelps the realities and opportunities of working in Melbourne's growth areas.

Our speakers are:

Jamey Barbakos (Acting Team - Leader Growth Area Development, City of Whittlesea)

Jamey Barbakos is a Town Planner with over 18 years of experience working in urban and growth areas in Victoria. She was nominated for the Victorian Female Achiever of the Year Award at the Planning Institute of Australia in 2019. Jamey has a strong understanding of key planning issues within a growth area context, including the coordination, delivery and funding of vital infrastructure and services and an appreciation of the issues associated with the urbanisation of environmentally sensitive land.

Bob Baggio (Manager Planning Services, Melton City Council)

Bob’s 40-year career has been devoted to local government planning, largely within Melbourne’s growth areas. Bob has worked as manager of planning departments in the City of Whittlesea, City of Casey, and is currently Manager Planning Services at the City of Melton. Bob’s professional capabilities and experience are in planning and facilitating future urban growth to ensure that new communities are provided with timely provision of community facilities, diversity of housing types, transport options, and opportunities to work locally.

Caitlin Spratling (Subdivision Planner, Wyndham City Council)

Caitlin is a town planner who has experience in statutory planning, landscape architecture and urban design within the local government sector. She has extensive knowledge in place naming, growth area planning and subdivisions and has contributed to projects which focused on urban design, post-permit approvals, acquisitions and cultural heritage.

The panel conversation will be followed by an audience Q&A.