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Multiplayer City – Flexible Urban Supports for Complex Social Processes

MSD at HOME with Luis BASABE and Djordje STOJANOVIC

What is the role of the planner in the production of the city, that shows itself increasingly as an extremely complex and changing reality? Which actors can be involved in the production of urban space? What is the physical support of an open-source urban development? To what extent can diversity really happen in a city, which is produced mainly under market rule? How can we describe architecture as a process, without defining its final result? Where is the place of the community in today’s suburb? Can we think of ways of urbanising that allow us to coexist better with nature? How can we define authentic centralities in fragmented peri urban environments? How can the conventional tools and methods of planning and architecture be rethought and rewritten? Is everything already done once the buildings are finished?

ARENAS BASABE PALACIOS ARQUITECTOS has been working since 2008 in innovative, social and transversal concepts for contemporary forms of urbanity in different European countries. A walk through a selection of their works should illustrate their understanding of urban design and architecture as an open process and show the use of collaborative tools in the production of resilient and democratic urban environments.

ARENAS BASABE PALACIOS ARQUITECTOS is an office for architecture and urbanism based in Madrid, with work in different European countries. They have managed to work in very different scales, encompassing from small buildings to entire districts and complex urban processes. In all their projects processes play the main role, which has led them to develop and implement a row of transversal, participative and cooperative design methodologies. This way, they have been able to address complex urban and social situations, both in urban and peri-urban contexts.

Their work has obtained numerous international distinctions, such as the Holcim Award Bronze Europe in 2014, or the EUROPAN international competition, in which they have been awarded six times. They have published, exhibited and presented their work in Spain, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia, Cyprus, Mexico, Korea and India.

LUIS BASABE MONTALVO (1975) is a founding partner of ARENAS BASABE PALACIOS. He is Profesor Asociado of architectural design at ETSAM since 2010. From 2014 to 2018 he has been Visiting Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Politecnico di Milano. He has also been guest lecturer and juror at numerous universities worldwide. He is member of the research group ‘Cultura del Hábitat’ in Madrid as well as scientific committee member of the Planum Magazine in Milano.

Wildgarten Quartier Wien – Collaborative planning process. By arenas basabe palacios arquitectos.
Wildgarten Quartier Wien – Collaborative planning process. By arenas basabe palacios arquitectos.
Twin Phenomena - Europan 12 Höganäs Winner - By arenas basabe palacios arquitectos.
Twin Phenomena - Europan 12 Höganäs Winner - By arenas basabe palacios arquitectos.
arenas basabe palacios arquitectos - TEAM

Presentation and Q+A

Date: Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Time: 17:00 - 18:30 AEST* Melbourne (UTC +10)

Venue: Online - ABP Zoom Webinar

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