MSD Public Lecture: Living Heritage and Urban-Rural Revitalisation in China

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Japanese Room (401), Level 4, Glyn Davis Building (MSD), University of Melbourne

  • Public Lecture

About this event

In this lecture, Professor Yong will speak about the concept of “living heritage.” Our built heritage is an outstanding example of traditional human habitation, in which traditional life and space are interdependent, and constantly changing. It is a kind of "living heritage" with the dual attributes of heritage and life.

The lecture will introduce examples of living heritage including the Ancient city of Pingyao, China, amongst other heritage sites. The research team has adhered to the "value-based" protection principle, established a "people-centred" protection method and governance model, and maintained key heritage attributes, characteristics, and values while enhancing urban and rural revitalisation.

About the speaker

Shao Yong is a Professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University in Shanghai. She is the vice president of ICOMOS-CIAV, and an expert member of ICOMOS-ISCEAH, the edition committee of Heritage Architecture and Built Heritage. She has engaged in research, teaching and practical work on protecting and developing world cultural heritage, historical cities, towns, and villages. She is the author of "The Protection and Valorisation of the Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage", "The Rural Future", "World Heritage in China-Historical City" amongst other works.

Professor Shao Yong was awarded the "Knight of Arts and Letters" by the French Ministry of Culture in 2018.

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