Parktopia ratio

Coburg North Linear Reserve


MSD researcher Tanja Beer, in collaboration with Thrive Research Hub and PhD student Kate Kantor, is leading the Parktopia project.

Parktopia explore childrens’ views on sustainability and landscape, as they turn a once underutilised reserve into a flourishing, living space.

Together with a team of professional theatre makers, artists and landscape designers, students at Pascoe Vale North Primary School will imagine, design and construct a temporary ‘parktopia’ in the Coburg North Linear Reserve.

This interactive community event will include an installation of plant life, multi-use play-spaces and child-led artistic happenings that engage the local community in the children’s hope and aspirations for their future.

Parktopia offers local children the opportunity to demonstrate their creative ideas to the community and council to enhance the future plans for this section of the Linear Reserve.

This event is part of MoreArt, and will feature a range of MoreArt artists from Sounds Like Movement, Trade Route 55, Roving Tea Plantation, Journey of 1000 Chai Cups and local community members offering stories, planting tips and more.

Come along for this late afternoon interactive celebration!

This event is part of Melbourne Water's Our Space Your Place initiative which enables land to be turned into vibrant community spaces.