Planning the driverless city: questions for governments and citizens

Autonomous vehicles are the technological marvel of the moment. From Google to BMW, innovators are promising an end to road accidents and wasted commuting time.

But, what will be the role for governments, planners and citizens in shaping the driverless city of tomorrow?

Some say that the market knows best, and that governments have no role in shaping driverless technologies beyond regulating for safety and liability. Others believe that the power of the tech disruptors must be balanced by rules to:

  • improve equity of access;
  • build more physical activity into daily transport;
  • strengthen mass transit systems that many analysts say all large cities will still require.

In this public event, four leading researchers in transport planning and urban governance will explore the ways in which new technologies will blur the boundaries between public and private transport. We will suggest directions for policies and regulation needed to shape a just and sustainable driverless city.


  • Dr John Stone
  • Dr Crystal Legacy
  • Dr Jan Scheurer (Curtin University)
  • Prof Carey Curtis (Curtin University)