Queers in Construction

Basement foyer, Glyn Davis Building (MSD), Parkville Campus, the University of Melbourne

  • Panel Discussion

Queers in Construction poster

The importance of hosting a panel focused on  is immeasurable. This panel aims to illuminate an often-underrepresented demographic - queer individuals in the construction industry - thereby enhancing inclusivity and diversity within the sector.

This panel serves as a platform to highlight the contributions, challenges, and unique perspectives of queer professionals, paving the way for greater representation and acceptance. It empowers aspiring queer individuals by showcasing role models and breaking down barriers. Additionally, such an event encourages dialogue, educates stakeholders, and promotes equality in the workplace.

This event is part of the 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Festival hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.


Amal Iharkachen - Board Member, Queers in Property
Lloyd Hsieh – Contract Administrator, Arete Australia
Dr Natalie Galea – Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne