Book Launch: Tackling a global pandemic in Asian megacities


Japanese Room (401), Level 4, Glyn Davis Building (MSD), Masson Road, Parkville

This book launch marks the culmination of the 16-month project Tackling a Global Pandemic in Asian Megacities.

This international research collaboration has harnessed a regionwide, multi-city, and multi-sectoral perspective to examine the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on informal workers in three South Asian megacities (Dhaka, Hyderabad and Karachi) and two Southeast Asian megacities (Jakarta and Manila).

The project determined how state and city-region level crisis management responses and post-pandemic recovery policies and programs in these five Southeast and South Asian cities can strengthen the urban informal workers’ capacity to bounce back from this global crisis.

T´╗┐he launch will be available in-person and online, please select ticket type when registering. For those attending in-person, refreshments will be provided.