Research Seminar Series 2022: Southern Built Environments

Dates are 16th March 2022 - 24th March 2022

Explore the 2022 ABP Research Seminar Series on Southern Built Environments led by our regional experts on the Global South within the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning presents the Southern Built Environments Research Seminar Series 2022. This seminar series combines and showcases the expertise and passion of our academics and their research collaborators whose research projects continue to have a meaningful impact on communities in the Global South encompassing Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.

Our seminar series aims to inspire interdisciplinary dialogue, sparking debate and conversations among Faculty staff and guests from all over the world about the future of Southern Urbanism.

Each seminar will focus on a different geographical region, with guest speakers tackling compelling issues in the Global South that affect both the natural and built environment, with major implications to settlements where these challenges emerge.

Seminar recordings and outputs

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