The Melbourne School of Design is a hub of creativity, innovation, and most importantly, collaboration.

With mechanisms for interacting changing each day and people becoming more isolated, the connection and inspiration found by studying in the MSD has fragmented as its occupants work and study from home.

This is an opportunity to bring the MSD back together, online.

We want to share your designs, plans, proposals, mock ups and models across our channels, showing the MSD community the wonderful work being undertaken, and bringing back a sense of connection during this difficult time. We encourage all MSD and Bachelor of Design students to contribute.

Work will be reposted across the Faculty’s Instagram or Facebook, with one student prize winner being chosen each week.

How to submit

Simply tag @msdsocial, use the hashtag #msdathome or send us a message.

We can’t wait to see your work!

#msdathome #msdsocial

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One of our faves:

“The illustrated cookbook: I created this cookbook to make cooking more approachable. A big drawback for me personally when it comes to cooking is that I cannot visualise what I need and what I need to do. This cookbook lays everything out and makes cooking more visual. With the illustrated steps, it breaks down complex dishes, making them easier to approach."


Stephanie L
Stephanie L

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