Charlie Eastwood


The concept for my design revolves around the adaptability of a user transitional and occupiable experience, and how this can be informed through the manipulation of inflations. My design questions how a user should experience an event, through the constraining of certain senses, we can enhance others. Visual thresholds are extremely important, being dictated by the inflating walls. The noise created from events will slowly deflate these walls, revealing a multitude of openings that start to define Occupiable positions/areas. With one's movement through the inflations, their sense of touch is emphasised where light and audio starts to blur. The inflations vary depending on how far one is from an exit; near entrances/exists the inflations start to open up (through changes in pressurisation) yet the deeper we get, the more inflated the walls, creating for differing levels of physical porosity forcing us to push through certain points of the pavilion. Through the use of parametric software, I was able to understand how fabric inflates within a skeleton, the way fabric collides and the folds that this starts to create, pressurisation and the expansion through minute tinkering. This helped inform my design process of implementing my idea of experience within a confined circulatory space.