Christie Amores Caitlynn


The concept explored in this Pavilion is the Japanese term Komorebi, which means: “The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees.” In particular, I am drawn towards the visual experience of Komorebi, and I also wanted to celebrate and relate back to the context of the Queen Victoria Gardens. Komorebi’s playfulness allows glimpses of views from the interaction between light, shadow and form. I want a continuous dynamic change as one enters throughout the Pavilion and site. The landscape is manipulated so that it complements the monolithic and geometric form of my final Pavilion. To further emphasize that interaction concept, the landscape is made so that the main pathways are similar to an infinity loop and that influences the users movements. Using the Wasp plugin in Grasshopper, I took an aggregation approach for my design. Combined with the Ladybug plugin, I also allowed for sunlight analysis to inform my design.