Chuyin Qi

U&Butterfly Pavilion

Music always reminds us of some natural rhythm. Just like strings, it may become a terrain line. In my pavilion, my main concept is to find out the ambiguity between nature and architecture.

My pavilion provides a temporary resting place for people. Since Victoria Gardens has a theme about art performance, what I think of is how to combine pavilion with art and the environment. I thought of a butterfly-like shape, combined with the terrain and pavilion, to form a streamlined transition. After then, the pavilion can be opened, facing the audience and forming a good vision.

The pavilion itself has two layers, one layer is waffled, facing the inner space. The other layer is the outer shell, with some parts being painted with light-reflective paint. Spatial experience has divided the pavilion into two distinct spaces – an inside and an outside, from a two-story structure.