Elie Mechaalani

Spiral Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy is site-specific and can therefore only function with the inclusion of its surroundings. By the careful composition of the three free-standing pillars, forming the pavilion, we establish the threshold between the public and intimate space. This contrasts Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion, where he established well defined and formal boundaries. The pavilion’s thresholds lies in the shape of the topography. This creates a visual barrier to partially obscure the intimate pavilion centre from the general view of those afar. The pavilion boundaries are dissolved, enabling equal access from all directions to adopt an orbital approach. The spiralling in-ground lights merely accentuate the users path of travel.  As visitors reach the dense Centre, there is a complete inward focus towards the middle space and onto one another by nature of the circular space, providing a sense of comfort beneath the lights of the pavilion.