Hannah Bahamdun

Rubik’s Cubed3

The pavilion explored the concept of subtractive design, with the structural planes blurred to create the illusion of more space than the 5-metre cube limitations. The cube is carved into both through the declining number of individual lattice components going up the structure to create a waterfall roof that creates an intimate presentation space. The regular pixelated, cubic forms of the pavilion are translated into the seating plan which further explored the concept through carving the chairs from a parametric geometric script, maximising seating by creating the stepped forms.

During the daytime, the sunlight is to filter through the roof light-well to illuminate the presenter and create a stage experience for the viewer, while the lattice structure creates a sense of openness to the greenery and frames the river view. The site transforms at night-time, with LED strip lights that border the floor seating to direct the circulation of space and create a visual threshold.

Circulation paths have been shaped by a hierarchy of how the site is to be accessed and used as both a place of gathering and a transitory space for pedestrian traffic.