Li Lyn Wong

Ripples in the Wind

Design of the pavilion is centred around the concept of openness and providing a sense of connection to nature. The idea of wave-like lily pad structures is emphasized through the implementation of the water feature in the landscape. An amphitheatre-like structure was also incorporated in the design through manipulation of the landscape and placement of seatings within the pavilion.

Openness of the pavilion is reflected through segregation of space using vertical spaces and structural positioning. Despite the exterior openness of the pavilion, the interior space offers intimate spaces to the visitors. The lily pad structures standing at different heights create various spatial hierarchies, forming comfortable and personal spaces around areas near the pillars from adjacent sides of the pavilion access points.

Threshold and circulation both have a circular form that reflects on the organic shape of the design. Lily pad structures are turned inwards to form a corridor-like structure that directs the flow of visitors to explore the entirety of the pavilion. The use of lights and shadows inform the shape and layout of the pavilion.